Decor Inspired by Fashion Magazine Covers

Do you have stacks and stacks of old magazines with whom you just cannot part? Are you a fashion buff with closets filled with fancy clothes and accessories? If you are, then why not proudly show off your elegant clothes and decorate your home at the same time. Get inspired by fashion and make your home as elegant and stylish as you are.

Frame yourfavoriteMagazine Covers

Magazine covers can be great source of art and decor. Cut out vintage covers, frame them and arrange them around the house. Stick to one theme to avoid too much color and mess, and hang your new artwork above your bed, dressers or even in the kitchen. Old record covers also make a great artsy decoration, so frame a few of them and immortalize your idols. Another great inspiration for bringing fashion into your home is cutting out fashion photographs from the glossies and displaying them in plain frames. The same thing you can do with ads of big designer clothes, perfumes and makeup. Organize any of these in shapes and patterns on your walls and bring elegance and style into your home.

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Image credits: USA Today, Pinterest

Show off you Shoe Collection

If you cannot wear every pair of shoes every day, it does not mean you cannot look at them. Set up a few small display shelves in different heights on your walls, and proudly present your beauties. A few acrylic boxes with your favorite shoes can also be arranged around the house and bring style and love for shoes into your home. However, if you do not want to spread them around the house you can simply organize them into a glass shoe closet and put them in your living room. This way you will always know where your shoes are, and they will make a nice artsy addition into your home decor.

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Image credits: New York Magazine, Pinterest

Treat your Clothes like Art

Some clothes really deserve to be treated like art. If you have any such pieces, consider putting them in a frame and displaying them in your living room. However, cloths do not have to be absolutely stunning to become a decoration in your home. Hang a row of jeans on an orderly set of hooks and above them put up a few framed photographs and bring a whole new look to your room. Sometimes, running out of closet space could be a good thing, since you can introduce an interesting decor by hanging your shirts and blazers onto a sleek rack and putting them on a display. Another way of bringing color and pattern into your home decor is framing some of your stylish scarves and putting them up on the wall. For a more stylish effect of your clothes, you can mount a couple of wall lights in different colors and create cozier atmosphere.

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Image credits: Disorganized72, Tumblr

Mount a Magazine Rack

Being a fashion lover includes tons of magazines just lying around your house. Since this is kind of messy, you can look after you local bistros and set up a stylish magazine rack into the seating area and arrange latest issues of your favorite magazines. This will bring color into your home, and you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee comfortably while going through your organized magazines.

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Image credits: We Heart, Pinterest

Expose yourJewelry

Jewelry of any kind can be a great addition to your fun decor. Set up some orderly hooks below your window and neatly hang your necklaces. You can also put your bracelets on a bracelet rack and leave them on the dresser. Pin your stylish earrings on a board and complete the jewelry display in your room. All of these accessories can introduce texture and color in your room, making it more alive and unique. If you do not want to expose that much jewelry, you can simply organize them into vintage and decorative boxes, and leave just a few of the pieces outside, for the better look and style.

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Image credits: The Organised Housewife, Pinterest

As you can see, none of your fashionable pieces have to or should stay in the dark closet. Let the fashion inspire you and trigger your creativity for creating a more interesting interior design and comfort of your home.

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Water Saving Irrigation Tips for Your Lawn

A beautiful lawn is an eye-catching feature that virtually anyone can appreciate. Its one of the first things visitors notice when they pull up to your property and it says a lot about you, as a homeowner. Although it does involve frequent watering, there are a few ways to irrigate your lawn more efficiently and effectively.

Water Saving Irrigation Tips

Here are some water saving irrigation tips for your lawn:

Have Your System Audited

Talk to your local water provider about conducting an irrigation audit of your system. Some providers will perform this service for free, while others may charge a small fee. If yours does not, you can also look for a certified landscape irrigation auditor in your area. The auditor will generate a report based on the condition of your entire system with recommendations on how to fix or improve it. Some may even suggest an optimal watering schedule for each month of the year.

Irrigate in the Mornings

Irrigate during the morning hours, whenever possible. Since its cooler in the morning, less water evaporates, increasing the efficiency of your watering. Mornings are also less windy, so the water from your sprinklers wont get blown into your neighbors yard. Evening watering causes the water to sit on the lawn all night, which may result in plant and turf diseases.

Check for Obstructions

Check for tall grass or shrubs that may prevent proper water distribution. These types of obstructions can deflect your water off elsewhere, causing your lawn to require more water than would normally be necessary. This is even more likely if your sprinkler heads protrude less than 3 inches above the surface. Sprinkler heads that rise up over 4 inches can help even out your water distribution patterns.

Fix Leaks and Stuck Valves

Search for signs of leaks that may result in a waste of water. If theres water running onto sidewalks and curbs even after the water is turned off, you probably have a stuck valve somewhere. Mold or algae growing along a certain part of the ground indicates a constant flow of water that may be the result of a partially open valve. This may be due to something as small as a grain of sand. If cleaning the valve doesnt work, replace it.

Replace Your Sprinkler Heads

Another effective way to save water is to upgrade your sprinkler heads if youre using an older system. Technology has improved considerably in recent years and newer systems are far more efficient than what was available 20 years ago. For example, rotary nozzles are able to cover a greater radius with much less water than older nozzles. Just be sure to select nozzles that have a radius that matches the distance between them.

It takes lots of time and effort to achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn. Fortunately, it is possible to cut back on the amount of water required to get the job done. If you have a decent irrigation system, a few minor adjustments may be all thats needed.

Author Bio

Amber Carpenter is the product specialist atCommercial Industrial Supply , a leading online supplier of industrial filtration products for food manufacturing facilities. Carpenter has a strong understanding of how to solve customer problems and find the appropriate product to fit the customers needs.

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Living Alone for the First Time

Your college years are over, you have found a job and now it is time to make one of those pivotal decisions start living on your own. The period right after you have finished your studies is the best one for beginning with an independent living. You are still young, which makes it easier for you to get used to living alone and you can enjoy all the benefits of such a living. However, to get to know those benefits, you have to take all the measures to make the process of moving as smooth as possible.


Inspect the new place

When you are choosing your first roommate-free place, you will have do things that were usually sorted out by several people when you lived with your roommates. So, now you should ask a couple of friends you know you can count or your partner to help you decide what place to take. A single person can oversee so many critical spots and a brain trust will be able to make a thorough inspection of your new place. Always bear in mind that it is going to be your new home and a haven of your privacy, so do all the basic works before you move in; painting walls, redoing the flooring, checking the pipes are only some of the things that should be done before you spend your first night in your new home.

Unpack as you are moving in

A common mistake most busy people do when they start moving to a new place is just moving their packed belongings into their new home, thinking that they will unpack them soon. The problem is that the process of arranging those things in the new place lasts for a couple of weeks, even months. So, instead of being happy that you finally live on your own, you become frustrated because you are surrounded with dozens of boxes. This is why every mover should make a witty move and unpack as they bring their things into the new place. Of course, the precondition for easier organization of your belongings is buying the right furniture for your new place.

Grocery-buying tactics

One of the biggest shocks that first-time independent dwellers experience is the fact that they become the only ones who are responsible for their grocery stocks. No roomies to borrow food from and no mum to ask her to prepare something only you to take care of yourself. To avoid starving late at night because you do not have a single bread crumb in your kitchen, it is smart to make a list of essentials groceries that you should never run out of. Since living alone costs much more than sharing the living space and bills with roommates, frugal grocery shopping tips might come in quite handy for live-alone freshmen.

The Queen of all expenses the rent

It goes without saying that starting this new phase of your life is a collage of financial challenges. Everything that used to be shared by two or more people now has to be handled by you. On the other hand, this is a fabulous opportunity to start spending your money in a more mature way. Collecting money for the rent should teach you a lot. Working for wages demands a stricter discipline than receiving a salary, like separating the necessary amount of money every week, to gather enough to pay the rent at the end of the month. A useful method for saving your time is to pay the utility bills online with an app, so that you do not waste your precious time waiting in bank lines.

Faced with dozens of new duties and habits, many people freak out when they start living alone. However, you should perceive that new lifestyle as the freedom you have never had before. Improving your professional and social skills and living your life the way you want it make living alone the best experience you can have in your after-college life.

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The Beneficial Features Of Banquette Seating

There are many different types of commercial seating that you can utilise in your restaurant, caf, or any other commercial business premises. You dont need to stick to the standard table and chairs, and you dont have to have uniformity in every piece of furniture. Booth style seating, utilising banquette seating, allows you to make the most of every inch of space that you have, especially around the edge of the room, and it can be combined with additional seats for the end of the tables.
Banquette Seating
Banquette seating, with storage space underneath, can also be used to store the linen that you arent using, can be made from durable and long-lasting materials, and is available in many different shapes, styles, and designs, therefore ensuring that you can offer attractive and functional seating options to all of your customers and clients. Banquette seating can even prove beneficial for use in break rooms, in the staff kitchen, and is becoming increasingly popular in kitchens and kitchen-diners in the home.
If you are looking to save space, then the key point is to utilise every bit of space that you have within the room or rooms that you are using. Before planning any seating, you should have an accurate plan of the space. Before adding seating and other furniture, consider the route that you and your staff will have to take, as well as the route that your customers will have to walk as well. Allow easy access to the bathrooms, as well as the bar.
Banquette seating is a beneficial space saving option because it can be used to create a booth style arrangement. Whereas you might only have space for two individual chairs, a banquette unit could seat three people in the same space and still offer comfort to all of those that are seated. While you shouldnt try to cram too many people onto one single banquette, you can encourage a certain number through the placement of table settings and by having somebody escort diners to tables.
Always ensure that you buy good quality commercial or contract seating. The furniture in your restaurant or caf will endure a lot of use, and this may include people sitting down with wet clothes, and those that treat it rougher than they would treat their own home furniture. Durable materials are essential, because they will help ensure that your banquette seating lasts as long as you need it to.
As well as durability and space, you should also consider the design. First impressions and good looks really do matter in commercial premises. You dont want to remembered as the restaurant with ugly furniture, or the one with tatty seats. No matter how good the food is, no matter how pleasant the waiting staff are, if the seating does not look good or is uncomfortable, then this is what your clientele will remember, and it is what they will share with others when relaying details of their experience.
Atlas Contract Furniture has a large selection of different styles and types of contract furniture, including long-lasting, durable, and attractive banquette seating in many different designs.

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Cultivating Wildness

wildness - 2

A colorful patch of wildness in my garden, featuring echoing clumps of Geum Totally Tangerine, coarse foliage of Salvia transylvanica, bearded iris, low orange wallflowers (Erysimum Coral Glow), and pale foliage of Artemisia stelleriana Silver Brocade.

I became a gardener in order to experience nature daily, in order to live in a wilder way. Being wild is the opposite of being isolated. It is an experience of oneness with a vast, complex, diverse, accepting community of living plants and animals.

Isolation is sitting motionless in a climate-controlled, artificially lit house, staring at a screen, oblivious to the life being lived around me the spider in the corner, the ants building kingdoms under the patio stones, the dove weaving a nest in the pine tree on the corner, the fox snuggled with her kits in a den down by the river, the desert shrub seedling sinking its roots into the soil of the neighbors horse pasture, the massive 500-year-old oak that was just felled two miles away to make room for a new subdivision.

My garden is part of my struggle against isolation. I choose not to be cut off from all that other life. I take time every day to actively experience what I think of as The Real World.

Im aware that its a rare luxury to be able to spend periods of time ignoring the human-centered world of intangibles: rules of etiquette, monetary systems, streams of data. I am thankful every day that I have the freedom to regularly remove myself from it and to bask in the stream of sensory events happening in The Real World.

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Sashiko Squares

Dear Chicago House,

I have been dabbling with a needle, white thread and blue fabric . look at the loveliness that has resulted!

sashiko squares
sashiko squares
sashiko squares

This type of embroidery is called Sashiko and is a form of decorative reinforcement that originates from Japan.I first came across it on Pinterest where there are loads of patterns it was all I needed to get going with my own ideas.

I am not sure what I am going to to with these 4 squares yet, but they are very relaxing to make!

Sashiko Squares

Sashiko Squares

Sashiko Squares

P.S. Are you following me on Facebook or Pinterest?

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My Home Office


Its all change over at Creative in Chicago. I have given the blog a massive shake up with a new look and moved from Blogger to self hosted WordPress. After writing for over five years I am abandoning my Dear Chicago House intro as it doesnt make nearly as much sense as when I started this blog and was writing to my sad 1970s Chicago house.

But enough waffle!

I thought Id share with you today when my creative magic happens my wonderful home office.

home office creative in chicago

This room has fantastic light with a vaulted ceiling and lots of space to spread out and make a mess. By day it is a web and graphic design studio for my company Indigo Image and works very well for client meetings.

But when business hours are over I can fling open my artsy closet and break out the paints, paper, hot glue gun, fabric scraps or whatever takes my fancy I will let you into a secret I did tidy up this closet ready for its closeup!art supply closet
The space has come a long way from its brown days and I have made all of the art work you can see on the walls.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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